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5 things to love about HorseMark

We are very proud to have received so much positive feedback on our scoring solution after our first few horse show events.

Here are five things about HorseMark that you will love too.

Passionate Professionals

Our owner and Founder Linda Cunningham is an IT Professional with over 20 years experience, always focussing on successful business outcome.

We believe that good support and planning equalise digital success and the feedback from our client’s confirm we are on the right track.

the incredibly dedicated team of professional behind the scenes, are unsurpassed in terms of efficiency, accuracy, ease of use, attention to detail and superior service.

Scott Benjamin, Arabian Horse Society of Australia

Over 5 years ago, when Linda started horse riding and volunteering at local horse shows, she noticed how the committee and volunteers where working hard to maintain the paper scoring processes used at the show.

Ring sheets, late entries, class changes, scoring, running results to the announcer box or calling them back and forth on the two-way and then the final collation of all the results It seemed like a lot of work and added pressure for an already stretched team of horse show volunteers.

Linda wanted to help with a simple digital solution.   Her genuine desire to add value has translated into a product that is loved.

Real Time and Flexible Scoring

The HorseMark scoring app allows associations to score events accurately and in real time - no more paper and masses of administration.

Your volunteers will love the auto creation of the champion and supreme class lists.

Scorecards that Judges will want to use.

Multiple judge scoring that considers individual scoring and tie-breaker rules.  Want to drop high and / or low scores?  A breeze with HorseMark….

This also means announcements without delay, current information and an enhanced show experience for everyone.

Fast and Time Saving

HorseMark gives you back time to focus on the other areas required to put on a successful show.   No more printing paper ring sheets and preparing ring folders.  You get the time back that would be spent running paper between the office, the rings and the announcers box.

Best of all say goodbye to the masses of administration transferring the paper results onto a computer after the event.

HorseMark is configured with your show program and pre-entered competitor list.

iPads supplied by HorseMark that fitted with 4G Telstra access with HorseMark and backup digital ringsheets.

Nothing extra for your show committee to organise your scoring.

Flexible and Customisable

HorseMark is customised for show individual scoring needs including award classes and multiple judge scoring.

Marshal and Steward functions can be on separate iPads or for shows that only have a Ring Steward, combined onto a single iPad.

Judge digital signature capture is optional.

Every horse show event is different, which is why we built a flexible solution that allow customisation.

Innovative and Progressive

Shows have relied on good old-fashioned paper forever.    HorseMark is offering a new and innovative way to score shows that challenges this status quo.

With a competitor app in the works we want to offer an enhanced show experience for competitors and spectators alike.

We would love to see shows of all sizes having access to benefits of digital scoring and we are working on a corporate sponsorship model to subsidise the software for events.

If you’d like to know more please reach out to us for a chat.

If you’d like a demonstration of the HorseMark solution or just a free consult to evaluate your current position and when / how you could consider a digital transition, please contact us.

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