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Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance can I book for a show?
There is no limit to how far in advance you book. We already have bookings for 2021 so it’s better to book early.
Do I need to load my own show and competitor information?
We load the program, timetable and competitor information. You will only be required to provide clarifications and validate the loaded information.

Microsoft Word and Excel are the norm however let us know if you have something else because I’m sure we can work with it.
Does it work with on-the-day entries or only pre-entered competitions?
The solution works for both pre-entered and on-the-day shows, it evens works for shows that do a mix of both.
We get a lot of class changes from competitors after they have entered. How do I manage this?
Moves between classes, adds and scratchings are easy to do on the iPads. This makes it easy to manage changes during the event that might impact the scoring.
How do our volunteers using the iPads know what to do?
We will brief your volunteers before the show. All we need is their email address or Facebook Messenger information so we can communicate with them leading up to the event.
When / how are the results available?
The results can be printed or exported by class directly from the SuperUser iPad during the event. A full report of the results will be provided at the duration of the event or end of each day for a multi-day event.
We have multiple judge scenarios, will it work?
Yes, the solution supports multiple judge scenarios. Scores are calculated in real-time using your rules for calculating the results and breaking ties.

Judges are issued personal PIN numbers and signature capture is available if required.
We use scorecards, will it work?
A number of scorecards are configured in the system.

The scorecard template can easily be adjusted for most scorecard scenarios so reach out to discuss the options.
Who has an iPad during the show?
Typically, each Steward and Marshal as well as the Office are allocated iPads.

Someone senior on the Committee holds the SuperUser iPad.

For multiple judge and scorecard scoring the Judge holds the iPad during these classes.


Do I need my own iPads?
The Horse Mark kit includes everything you need to run your show including iPads and charging stations.
Do the iPads need to be on a WiFi network?
The iPads are equipped with Telstra 4G sim cards so will work anywhere a Telstra mobile phone works.
How do I keep the iPads charged?
Charge the iPads overnight and when volunteers come in for breaks.
iPads that are being used close to a power source such as the office and announcer should keep these on charge.
There is a spare iPad included so this should also be kept on charge.
Don’t wait till an iPad is out of charge, rotate them when they reach 30% charge.
What happens if the network / system does down?
We load digital ring sheets onto each iPad before we send you the iPads. They are setup to work in offline mode. The volunteers are shown this as part of the training.


How much does delivery cost?
The delivery is built into the overall package that has been quoted.
How will I receive the iPad kit?
The Horse Mark kit will be delivered to you either by a Horse Mark team member if you are in the Greater Sydney area otherwise via courier.
When will I receive the Horse Mark kit?
The kit will be delivered 1 day before the show if you are in the Greater Sydney area or 2-4 days before for other areas.
How do I return the kit?
Repack the iPads into the packaging provided and call for the courier to pick them up.
Are there late fees if I return the iPads late?
Late fees may be applied however more importantly, as we don’t have an endless supply of iPads, you may be impacting another show who is scheduled to use the same iPads.